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Your acoustic playing last nite was some of the BEST I have ever heard you do. Absolutely astonishing at times!!!! Your on-the -fly looping creations are evolving beautifully! AS ALWAYS.... feel so lucky to be able to witness those special creative moments!

-Curt Ammerman

Hi Teresa,  I've just had my mind blown away by listening to your version of 'Still Got The Blues', and most especially 'Guitarmageddon' from the BluePower website. Absolutely Outstanding says it all ! You have a talent to make the guitar sing in a way that I've only ever heard before in the likes of Yngwie Malmsteen and Walter Trout. Cheers!    

- Ralph Cowle,  BluePower.com


Teresa, I saw you last night on the local music cable show.  I never listen to it and don't even know the name of it but when I saw you playing on it I couldn't stop watching.  You may be tired of hearing this but you were awesome. 

- Jere Short-American Communications, Inc.


Teresa! I saw you open for Johnny Winter. Good God! What a fine player you are! I had no! I say no idea you rocked like that! I was  center stage waving my hat at you  cooling off the strings! You are the most focused, confident axe player I’ve ever  seen! Pretty too! And that never hurts! When you guys did the originals (I think it was that E to G chord rock number), I thought I was in love with you!!!  That’s how powerful that whole set was!  I was truly blown away last night. Good God! Do you guys play like that in the clubs too? Geez! Your just about the finest guitarist I’ve ever heard Teresa! Thank you for a wonderful set!    

- Lee Robison..


In France…  (bloggers site)

Des Shredeuses je sais pas mais des femmes guitaristes exceptionelles là je connais.

Voici des noms avec le lien pour les écouter Teresa Russell.

Translation…. “Some shredders, I don't know, but some exceptional female guitarists I do know….  they are all excellent and play mostly blues or jazz. The most impressive is without a doubt Teresa Russell.”


As a pro guitarist for some 40 years I wanted to say that you have no trouble hanging with the big boys like Robben Ford, Garth Webber, Steve Morse, Larry Carlton and Bill Frisell! Continued success!   

- Lloyd Barre   blueoasis.4t.com


Wow, T!  You were really on fire last night at Outlaws. It was GREAT!  Musta' been your fan club boys standing right in front of you with their mouths hangin' open ..... drooling.  That's always some good motivation. Whatever it was, you played amazingly great!!  

- Cindy


Dear Teresa : You are a remarkable talented musician and vocalist. But there is much more to you that draws fans to your performances: you are sweet, friendly,and courteous to everyone - -especially to us older folks. You make our day when you allow us to hug you, and we love you for your kindness and extraordinary talents. ( Ditto to your Mom ).    

- Love,  Marilyn & Norm Krupnik


DON’T MOCK THE WOMAN OF ROCK! I used to work at a music store and among the host of aweful characters who frequented the small town shop was the "chicks can't playguitar" guy.This no brainer insisted - citing causes ranging from God to Darwin - that it was not a females place to rock. How I wish he could have met Teresa Russell. With one show she could have smashed his Neanderthal theories back to what ever cave he crawled out of. She is one of the best guitarists in the county, regardless of gender, and by far the most active.

- Chris Jay, Ventura County Reporter


Teresa Russell is a legitimate blues/rock triple threat in that she is an excellent vocalist, intensely personal songwriter, and an emotionally charged and powerful electric guitarist. Without a doubt, the finest female blues/rocker that I have heard.

- Tom Branson, Bluesrockers Magazine


I have had the pleasure of listening to a great many exceptional guitarists and Ms. Russell would play circles around many of them and be in comfortable company with the best of  them. Quite simply a Blues & Rock & Roll treat that must be experienced to be appreciated"

- Bobby deal, Riff Magazine


Just wanted to say thank you for the CD. In all honesty it's worth the 15 bucks  your music is moving and powerful. Each note is played with such feeling and unheard of passion. Every member of the band has a sound that only a well polished performer could give.  You are more than a guitarist you are a musician in every sense of the word. Your performance at the Westchester Sports Grill was nothing short of amazing. I'm not joking. My jaw almost dropped. I was in awe!!!  You belong in the ranks of Ritchie Blackmoore Ted Nugent and SRV.  The music you play is something that I can share with my family and friends for generations to come. Once again my deepest thanks and gratitude.  And as a beginning guitarist myself I can only wish to become as great as you are now. But who knows, perhaps one day I will be with a lot of practice.  You’re just that inspiring. I hope that everyone gets to hear the beauty and power that is in the music you guys play.  

- Sincerely,   Marion Weaver


I checked out your solo for that guitar competition and was impressed.  Your shredding surprised me as I had always assumed you were more of an old school blues-rocker.  The tone and many of the scale runs in the piece sounded like it could have been Joe Satriani or Eric Johnson on stage.  If you gave me the tab and a month to practice, I would probably still screw it up.  Keep kickin ass!

- Scott Carlson-Rude Mood


We caught your gig at Cold Spring Tavern yesterday and it knocked us out! When you and the Cocobilli boys hit that groove, it's enough to bring tears to your eyes. We absolutely love your supercharged style of power blues and rock. In fact, if I closed my eyes, I thought I was hearing Eric Clapton, circa Cream days, or maybe Jimi. Great for

dancing, listening, or watching! Looking forward to the next second Sunday at the 'ol stage stop.   Rock on! 

- Bob & Lois


Teresa, I just can't get over "Left Me With The Blues"! Have you ever heard of Garry Moore? Blues man from Ireland? Well, you are the ONLY person I have ever heard play a solo like him. That's a compliment to the "nth" degree. Thanks again. 

- Harvy Chapman - Atlanta


T, Just wanted to start the new year on a note of gratitude for our partnership and friendship.  I have come to value and enjoy our work and play together and my connection to your family and friends through our musical collaboration more and more as the years have come and gone. I look forward to doing our "guitar dance" for a long time to come.  So, Teresa, thanks again for sharing your life and music with me over these past years.  You are a gift in my life.  Love, S. 


Bloggers at weee hours of the morning…

March 30, 2005 - 7:22 am:                  

Oh... and one more remark. There are really almost no women guitar players who can play in that old hard-rock lead guitar style like the men did. But one exception to that is Teresa Russell. I haven't seen her live yet but I have a couple of her CDs.



April 05, 2005 - 3:13 am:                  

What about Nancy Wilson of Heart? And the women from Fanny, ,June & Jean Millington,  and Kelly Ritchie, Lita Ford and Joan Jett?


April 05, 2005 - 3:38 am:                  

Hi, Fluff,  A lead guitar player knows the difference between the "regular" rock guitarists and the really talented ones. For example, I have never seen or heard Joan Jett play anywhere near like Teresa Russell.



I'm a guitar player for more than 30 years, learned from some of the best, including Danny Gatton--- What can I say? You're a jaw dropper…… Truthfully, I just happened to hear you on KLOS  At first I thought it was Eddie playing with some people, until I heard you sing. your talent and style is overwhelming. It was just so exciting to hear the real thing that I felt compelled to seek you out.

- Pete Fedorenko


Last night's CD party was the best ever! Could you feel the love?  Everyone was having a blast. When we first arrived, we got turned away at the door because there were so many folks wanting to party with you & buy your CD!  We came back later and finally got in. What a great night !

- Cindy Novak


“I'm emailing you from Lompoc, north of Santa Barbara. I'm an amateur blues guitarist (nowhere in your league). I heard you by complete accident today at the Avocado Festival. What a shock! I thought I knew of all the good guitarists on the central coast. Boy, was I wrong. I've never heard anyone render "Still Got the Blues" like you did.  Hot damn, ma'am!  Even my wife---a very critical lover of good music---was blown away.”

- David Zobel



Midnight Cruiser is now # 36 on the MP3  Blues Rock genere. It has two red flames next to it. I have no illusions about why that is. It is all about your guitar work. But what the hell, I'll take it. Thanks for playing on my CD.

- Jim Ramirez



You are the most versatile electric guitarist I've seen and I'd like to learn from the best. Will you provide instruction?    

- Ernie


Hey there T,

WOW, what an incredible evening, you guys ROCKED, that place just brings it out of you guys, the music, the creativity and the energy, it's absolutely incredible!!.  Words can't even begin touch, what your music and energy do to people at Cold Spring Tavern, it's definitely a spiritual thing!! You touch peoples souls : )  

- Shirley Kellerman


Just wanted to say your one talented great musician, guitarist & vocalist.....I truly enjoyed your show.  Your bassist and drummer are your back bone......wow, what a back bone!  Your sound is honest and true from the heart and will never let you down.  Good luck and good karma to you all.    

- Richard Manzanares, Musician


I have been to a number of your gigs over the past few months. Again, your guitar work is absoulutely amazing! I have to tell you that I am always blown away by your talent. It is always a pleasure to hear your guitar work - very inspiring!

- Paul Devlin and Heather Marschalk



Your performance at Alexander's this last Saturday Night was far more than your usual great artistry - it was awesome.  At times profound, at times exuberant, often exhilarating and always moving, it was an evening I will long remember and always treasure.  Subjectivity aside, this last Saturday everyone commented on how magical the experience, to say nothing of universal acclaim and plaudits.  It is clear that you were on a different level.  In other words you reached all of us, and we left enthralled and inspired - which is the essence of being a Muse.  Thank you for sharing that night with mere mortals.

 Grant Telfer - mercennarius@Home.com  P.S.  Billi and Coco were about as perfect as musicians could be - and it confirms the viability of the Trio.



You and the boys once again just astounded everyone. In my 49 years, I have seen most of the "greats" play. Keep rockin' lady...you are truly one of the best!   

- Pat Widder,  Widder Enterprises, Ojai


“I have seen some wonderful and amazing things in my few short years.  But I think the most amazing thing I have witnessed is you in “the zone”.

- Paul Reindollar, Sr. Project Engineer, Lockeed Skunkworks


“Last Tuesday, Teresa Russell dropped into the jam at The Starboard Attitude.  She plays a monster guitar (and forget the "for a girl" stuff - she plays great for a guy - and yes she's THAT good!) and has a great ear - she followed every curve I threw.  She's also an excellent singer. She stands out in a crowd.  Keep an eye peeled for this lady.

- Iron Man Mike Curtis


I became aware of Susan Tedeschi when she was nominated for a Grammy. I saw her guitar performance at the Grammy's and she is an enormous talent....  but she is no Teresa Russell. Teresa Russell : What can I say that you don't already know... She does it all !!!   She's got a Melissa Ethridge / Bonnie Raitt / Janis Joplin thang goin' on. It comes from deep down and reaches out to our souls. She has the whole package in spades... playing and singing.

- John Procter


I'm a 30-year veteran player myself and even teach at our local Lompoc School of Music, and .... I don't say this to impress you, but ... only that part of your public today was an experienced guitarist, and I was blown away,.... blown away. You were all over that neck! The level of professionalism on your part AS WELL AS your bass player and drummer was supremely amazing,... I have never in my 49 years seen a woman play like you. Fantastic. A true inspiration.

- Sincerely,  Brian W. Cole


I dropped by Cold Springs Tavern this afternoon to hear one of my fav duos,Tom Ball and Kenny Sultan. I almost left at the end of their set, but lady,I'm sure glad I didn't! Your version of Little Wing gave me chills! You really rock and I'll definitely be back, draggin' my friends along, to hear  one of the best jammin' talents around.

Thanks for the great time!

- Don, Santa Barbara


Hi Teresa, I heard you live for the first time at Cold Springs Tavern. Awesome and fabulous! You are an extraordinary musician, I am so glad to hear a woman who can rock like you.    

- Yours in music, Barbara

P.S Cocobilli is great!


Hi Teresa, you make such good music!! I look forward to coming and seeing every chance I get!! you are such a HOT Rock N Roller!! We all can tell you love your music!! We love it too!! Thanks for being who and what you are, for you touch all our lives, and make us happier!!  We Love You!!

- Love From Marlene and Heather


Most Awesome Female Gutar Player T, Rocks "Up Against the Wall" is the first song I've heard from Teresa Russell. She sings with authority! No wonder she's on the POWER FEMM station. I went and saw her tonight live and she so GREAT you just can't believe your eyes or ears. What a great show she can put on. MAN oh MAN, plays guitar behind her head just as great. So much talent and energy! Oh yeah, did I mention she is extremely sexy and beautiful on stage?! I don't think she even realizes the effect she has on people. Also, she is always very nice to fans and other musicians. I swear it's the truth! Rock on Teresa Russell & Cocobilli !

- Collette MP3.com - Colette's POWER FEMM Station


I was introduced to Teresa Russell recently and was of course totally blown away by her astounding rock guitar playing, which is totally awesome. I almost missed the fact that Teresa also has a great raunchy blues voice too.

Reminiscent of Bonnie Raitt, or Bonnie Taylor. A very rare talent.

- (Radio station owner : )    JEZA



  I bought your new album “Live 1”. IT IS INCREDIBLE !!!  Bustin' Loose is one of my favorite CD's, but for me, live performance recordings have always been the best test of an artist's true talent. As a musician myself, I've always felt that live albums are where "the rubber meets the road" and separates the "real deal" from the "pretenders"... And believe me... you are the "REAL DEAL"... absolutely World Class.    Keep up the fantastic work, 

- John P.


Hi Teresa,

I received your C.D. yesterday. AWESOME !!! There is no doubt, you are the greatest female guitarist  I have ever heard, bar none! I go to Chicago all the time to surround

myself with good blues musicians. You'd steal the show, no question ! I've been playing for 20 yrs. and wish I had half the talent you do.

 (P.S.-your eyes really knock me out !!!

- From South Bend, Indiana       Donnie Thompson


Dear Teresa,

What a truly amazing individual I think you are... I am in a band and play guitar and sing, and after seeing you and hearing you play, I was motivated like never before... you a true trailblazer... a pioneer!   I must admit, that, even though I too am of the female

persuasion, I would still find myself wondering every so often if it was just not possible for a girl to be as good a guitar player as a guy...but you utterly and completely shattered all those ill-conceived projections... I really want to thank you for the spark that you have ignited in so many fellow musicians....

- Sincerely, Lisa Miskel


Teresa has given so much through her sharing of her wonderful musical talents by bringing so many together for fun and song and finding new friendships over the years.  She loves inviting and encouraging other musicians  to come to the stage and join her so they can have a chance to perform for others as well. Whether it be performing for a charity or at a memorial, her caring for people is in the heart of her music.  I could go on and on about how she has given inspiration and shown great strength by her surging ahead on a journey of dedication and hard work.  After traveling the world performing she decided to settle in Ventura a number of years ago to compose and produce original music which is ongoing.  Her CDs are constantly in circulation.  Everyone loves Teresa, what more can I say.


- Pat Russell (mom)


Teresa, You are being nominated for an award for your contributions to the arts culture of Ventura County during 2005. An number of individuals and organizations will be nominating and participating in the venture to recognize not only your outstanding contributions and accomplishments to the field of music, but also for your efforts to enhance and encourage the music/art scene in Ventura County through your gifts and talents.  Thanks so much for allowing this recognition of your enduringly dedicated talents in Ventura County.

 - MM


Russell's guitar style unleashes heated torrents a la Robin Trower and Roy Gallagher, with touches of the more nuanced licks of Beck and Larry Carlton's hotter playing.

- Josef Woodard  of the Santa Barbara News Press


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