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Teresa Russell & Cocobilli
The Blues is Real


Teresa Russell & Cocobilli
Show you what love can do


Teresa Russell & Cocobilli
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Teresa Russell & Cocobilli
Bustin' Loose


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Teresa & Pat Russell


I've listened to your new CD and have to say I think you  totally captured the magic that makes the music you do with your mom  so special.  The harmonies are superb, and as producer/engineer you  got the absolute best in terms of Pat's unique vocal quality (that  whisky, velvet, one vocal cord thing).  Just her vocal on "'Round  Midnight" is worth the price of admission for me.  As for my playing,  what can I say!  All humility aside, that's the best jazz guitar  recording I've ever committed to tape or CD. You and your mom can be proud of this CD, and I'm sure your audience  will be thrilled to have this facet of the Russell family jewels on  CD!  I know I am.

 - Stephen Geyer

As a guitar player for more than 30 years who learned from some of the best, including Danny Gatton--- What can I say? Teresa Russell is a jaw dropper…… Truthfully, I just happened to hear her on KLOS.  At first I thought it was Eddie Van Halen playing until I heard her sing. Her talent and style is overwhelming. It was just so exciting to hear the real thing.  

- Pete Fedorenk


Teresa Russell is without question the finest female blues/rocker that I have heard. She is a legitimate blues/rock triple threat in that she is an excellent vocalist, intensely personal songwriter, and an emotionally charged and powerful electric guitarist. The band is a classic three piece power trio and includes an impressive rhythm section of Russell's songwriting partner Billi Breland on bass and Coco Roussel on drums."

- Tom Branson © Bluesrockers.ws


Teresa, is the only female to ever qualify" in the top eight" for the national finals in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame's lead guitar competition. Competing with over 2000 guitarists across the country, she accomplished this by winning the West regional in Los Angeles where she received "out-of-seat-thumbs-up" kudos from such Grammy award, celebrity judges/guitarists as Steve Lukather (Toto) and Steve Stevens (Billy Idol).


"A powerful blues statement laden with rock-star level guitar solos."

 - Bill Locey, LA Times


"If you took some Stevie Ray Vaughn, added a good measure of Bonnie Raitt, then stirred with a Jeff Beck swizzle stick, you’d be getting close to the incredible music of Teresa Russell & Cocobilli.  This band absolutely re-defines “power trio”.  And Russell represents a unique talent, combining song-writing, strong vocal expression and guitar virtuosity in a single package.  Arranged with co-songwriter/bassist Billi Breland, their musical structures range from lyrical to slam rock, and everything in between.  One of my personal favorites is “Just Outside”, a heart-wrenching, love-wreck, set to honey melodies.  And on the other end, I’d have to pick “Show You What Love Can Do”, title track of their most recent CD.  The range is impressive.  Teresa Russell & Cocobilli are artists that one day will be “instantly” famous, after years of incomprehensible anonymity.  That day may be coming soon, so come see her while you can still afford the tickets".

- San Diego Review


I saw Teresa Russell  open for Johnny Winter. Good God! What a fine player she is! I had no! I say no idea she rocked like that!  She was the most focused, confident axe player I’ve ever  seen!  Pretty too.

- Lee Robison..


I dropped by Cold Springs Tavern this afternoon to hear one of my fav duos,Tom Ball and Kenny Sultan. I almost left at the end of their set, but lady,I'm sure glad I didn't! Teresa’s version of Little Wing gave me chills! She really rocks and I'll definitely be back, draggin' my friends along, to hear  one of the best jammin' talents around. Thanks for the great time!

- Don, Santa Barbara


Most Awesome Female Guitar Player T, Rocks . "Up Against the Wall" is the first song I've heard from Teresa Russell. She sings with authority! No wonder she's on the POWER FEMM station. I went and saw her tonight live and she so GREAT you just can't believe your eyes or ears. What a great show she can put on. MAN OH MAN, plays guitar behind her head just as great. So much talent and energy! Oh yeah, did I mention she is extremely sexy and beautiful on stage?! I don't think she even realizes the effect she has on people. Also, she is always very nice to fans and other musicians. I swear it's the truth! Rock on Teresa Russell & Cocobilli !

- Collette MP3.com - Colette's POWER FEMM Station


I saw Teresa last night on the local music cable show.  I never listen to it and don't even know the name of it but when I saw her playing on it I couldn't stop watching.  She was awesome. 

- Jere Short-American Communications, Inc.


"This little chickie's hot.....nice job guys!!!"

 - Dion, DJ, KLOS radio, Los Angeles CA


"Teresa Russell....That woman can rock!"

 - Good Morning LA, Fox TV

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